Private underwear customization teaches you how to measure your own bust

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-28
Underwear Custom underwear will not only make you more comfortable to wear, it will also make you feel better. Inappropriate underwear will have a lot of adverse effects. Underwear that is too small will compress the chest, cause poor lymphatic circulation, easily lead to breast disease, and cause muscle overflow, causing secondary milk, which not only affects health, but also affects beauty. Although the cup size is too large will not have a great impact on health, but it is not conducive to the shaping of the female breast curve. It is easy to cause the chest to sag and deform. When buying underwear, you must know your size so that you can choose the right underwear. How does a person measure their own size? First, in the bare state, the upper part of the body should be inclined 45 degrees, the tape should go around the nipple a week to obtain the upper girth value, such as 88cm, the body should be upright, and the tape should go around Take a round at the base of the chest to obtain a lower girth value, such as 75cm. (In order to measure more accurately, you can inhale and exhale separately, and then take the average value) The lower value obtained corresponds to the value in the underwear size, such as 75/80, if the value is in a certain interval Inner, take the larger one, such as 78CM, it is recommended to choose 80, cup size u003d upper circumference value-lower circumference value, such as 88cm-75cmu003d13cm. The upper and lower circumference difference of 13cm corresponds to the value in the table, so the number of underwear sizes to be selected for the C cup is: 80C/36C.
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