Private custom underwear, more fat on the back, suitable underwear choices

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-02
Have you ever been troubled by unsightly breast and back fat? This is because women are more likely to accumulate fat than men, and most women do not deliberately exercise their back muscles. So many girls, even if they are not fat, as long as they wear clothes that are close to the body, the fat on their backs will be obvious. Layering affects the overall beauty. But not all girls can go to the gym every day. Then, if we can't get rid of it, we have to find a way to hide it. The straightforward way is to choose the right bra. If you can't choose, then take a look at the private custom finishing of underwear. 1. The full-inclusive bra of the vest style is the most powerful in the bra style for smoothing cellulite and auxiliary breasts. Not only that, the widened bottom circumference can also prevent the stomach from squeezing out excess belly. The fabric is full of elasticity, recyclability is also strong, the hand feels smooth, there is no pressure or discomfort on the upper body. On the contrary, it can bring you a full sense of security. 2. The four-row buckle design with a widened rear panel and heightened side wings on both sides can also effectively hide excess fat and make your back lines look smoother and smoother. In addition, it can also increase the stability of the bra. The cotton fabric is very skin-friendly and breathable. Although there is no steel ring, it is generally made of a gather-up version, and it can still wear a very stiff and beautiful chest. 3. The flanks are heightened close to the underarms, this one wears, no more troubles! The U-shaped beautiful back design can also highlight the nice butterfly bones and double the slimming effect. The side wing fabric is light and soft, even if it is wide, there is no sense of restraint~ The simple style and soft color make the temperament more gentle and pleasant after wearing it. The blessing of black technology soft steel ring not only has strong enough supporting force, but also has enough great comfort and fit. The right bra can allow you to avoid the appearance of obesity, avoid the embarrassment of the appearance of fat, easily, not time-consuming and effortless. ?
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