Private custom underwear manufacturers teach you to judge high-end custom adjustable bras

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-01
?Private custom underwear manufacturers teach you to judge high-end custom adjustable bras, from the following 4 points! 1. Look at the craftsmanship to check whether the left and right cups of the high-end custom adjustable bra are deviated, and the fabric pattern is symmetrical. The high-end custom adjustable bra fabric should be able to absorb moisture, wick away sweat and kiss the skin, without static electricity, and fit the skin comfortably; the lining should be comfortable, the craftsmanship should be fine and smooth; the front and back 8 buttons and 9 buttons should be smooth and firm to avoid wearing Time slipped. 2. The adjustment position of the shoulder straps of the high-end custom-adjustable bra that is worn should fall into the recess of the shoulder, so that it is comfortable and can maintain the stability of the high-end custom-adjustable bra. If the position of the version is wrong, you can adjust it according to your comfortable position when you try it, and then play the board again. If a breast is on the lower side, it can be reduced and changed to increase the volume of the cup and achieve left-right symmetry. The curvature of the cup mouth can be closely matched with the curvature of the breast without pressing the cup. Lace should be soft, imported lace high-end custom adjustable bra is better. 3. Whether the shoulder strap is designed for decompression. The customized high-end customized adjustable bra has a decompression design. For example, the shoulder straps and side wings should be elastic and flexible, and stretch freely with the movement of the body. 4. Look at the production date, composition and size of the high-end custom adjustable bra label material. Even the washing label material is very special, soft and strong.
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