Precautions when buying body shaping underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-12
When buying shapewear, you should pay attention to its material, because the material determines the quality. At present, the focus of each adjustable shapewear is on special materials and unique tailoring. In terms of materials, there are space fibers, Lycra fibers, etc., which indicate their comfort. However, pay attention to their elasticity when buying. Some Bodysuit is only 180 degrees, that is, left and right elasticity, but there is no up and down elasticity. , Some even have elasticity up and down in 360 degrees, because the muscles are more powerful than the above, if the body shaping underwear only has left and right elasticity, it will be more uncomfortable to wear. Moreover, in terms of tailoring, you can only find out that it is not suitable for you if you try it on. The shapewear is also relatively close-fitting and has the function of body shaping. It must be worn for a long time every day.
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