Precautions for wearing body underwear customization after childbirth

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-22
You can’t wear shapewear immediately after giving birth: From the perspective of physical and mental health, if you are a mother who chooses to give birth, you can wear shapewear after a month. The shapewear is applied after the body responds. Because the body shaper has a certain working pressure on the human body, it can tighten the body fat and loose flesh, and the body is relatively weak just after delivery. Of course, the restoration of the custom function of the Bodysuit will make the internal health of the human body healthier. If it is a mother who gave birth by abdomen, it is the best time for a pregnant woman to get repaired 6 months after delivery, and she can wear shapewear. The kinetic energy and the effects of endocrine disorders that have to wait for the wounds on the body to be repaired by the abdomen will make the human body in a situation of high metabolism. After the cesarean section is healed, wearing the underwear processing factory body shaper will have practical effects to assist the internal organs moved during pregnancy to return, and it is also conducive to speed up the discharge of postpartum lochia. Keep the shapewear environment clean and tidy: After giving birth, wear the shapewear and also pay attention to the air permeability, to avoid excessive heat generation, excessive sweat, and wound infection. Note that the shapewear must be changed frequently to maintain dryness. However, while women are pursuing beauty, they must not neglect their physical and mental health. Although the underwear factory has the actual effect of shaping and losing weight, it must be gradually integrated into the body at a stage. It is not necessary to be too tight when wearing the body underwear for the first time. Compress human organs. At night or when resting, you should take off your body underwear and change out looser underwear so that your body can release pressure.
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