Precautions for underwear custom manufacturers to choose a one-piece bra

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-05
The seamless bra is also called a one-piece bra. It is made of ultra-fine fiber materials. It is formed from the cup cover to the shoulder strap. It is seamless and does not leave traces. It is not easy to be embarrassed by the exposed steel ring. The smooth wavy edge shows the female's wishful curve. In the picture, the breast-to-be also removes the working pressure of the cup on the breast, and can be used with all kinds of outerwear at ease. This advantage has made a bra more and more favored by female customers. So, in life, how do women correctly screen out the one-piece bra that suits them? Underwear custom manufacturers talk about precautions. First choose a one-piece bra. It is not recommended to buy a thicker pad. Nowadays, many plump-shaped seamless bras on the market are equipped with thick pads in order to be beautiful and generous, which will actually oppress the body fat on the chest. Although it can increase the chest and produce the actual effect of producing plump breasts, it is very easy to cause The body fat in the chest is squeezed away to both sides, which will cause the chest to lose shape in the long run, and even the reaction force of the auxiliary breast under the arm appears. Secondly, when choosing a one-piece bra, you must pay attention to the inner steel ring of the seamless bra. The bottom of the chest must be tightly tightened. If the bottom of the bust size is more than 2 cm from the bottom of the chest, long-term wearing will cause the chest to relax. The cost-effective one-piece bra will add a soft stick on the side, and the invisible steel ring produces a double-locking effect, which can fix the body fat and avoid dragging it to the sides. Many female customers will continue to encounter the situation that the straps of the seamless bra will run up during the whole process of wearing them. As a result, all the chests are more and more unsightly and very embarrassing. Excessive bottom bandages are very easy to tighten the muscles of the whole body, which is not good for normal growth and development. Therefore, when choosing a one-piece bra, customers must check whether the bottoms of the front, back, left, and right sides of the seamless bra are at the same level, or they are not recommended for everyone to buy. Third, you cannot choose a one-piece bra based on the basic specifications of the bra. For different well-known brands, or bra styles that are different from well-known brands, the specifications and specifications of the selected models are different. There will be differences in the number of codes for the same well-known brands. And with the change of time, the human body will change every day. Therefore, in such situations, it is not very suitable to choose a bra based on the bust size data information. And if you wear a habit like that, you will mistake it for the wrong view that bras are just such. One of the advice that underwear factories give everyone is that there is no need to rely too much on the actual effect of a single bra. Generally annoying seamless bras, most of the clothes can squeeze the chest grooves to achieve practical results, but the chest is too squeezed to make the chest look in the middle. Female breasts have their own natural parts and appearance design, which is long-term Too much oppression or deliberately wearing a small cup cover is very easy to gain more than the loss, and is not good for one's physical and mental health.
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