Points for attention in the cleaning of shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-02
Regarding washing: 1. Washing time: Although it is a close-fitting garment, most of the products of shapewear contain anti-bacterial solutions and good perspiration properties. Therefore, it is recommended to clean 1-2 times a week. 2. Washing method: hand wash, do not wash with water, usually corsets, back clips, plastic pants with metal materials such as steel rings, memory alloys, machine washing will cause irreparable damage to the goods, and then affect the clothing actual effect. 3. Temperature: The temperature should be below 30℃. 4. Drying: After washing, use a dry towel to remove unnecessary moisture. Of course, dry it and not expose it to the sun. Dry the bra to the bottom of the bra with a clothespin, the back clip and waist clip at the bottom, and the plastic pants on the abdomen.
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