Ningbo customer underwear processing field inspection, intimate service of underwear manufacturers throughout the process

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-27
Although the weather is a bit cold today, a group of three people from Ningbo professionally drove to the underwear factory Ladymate knitting for on-the-spot inspection, brought a few samples of their own, and also selected a few samples in the underwear factory exhibition hall. It is estimated that 800,012,000 pieces will be ordered. . First arrange underwear processing and proofing. The Ningbo customer was looking for an underwear processing manufacturer last week to find Ladymate Knitting through the Internet, and also conducted in-depth communication with our customer service staff online. It turns out that Mr. Yang, a client from Ningbo, has also been engaged in the trade of women's underwear for many years. Because the port of Ningbo is very developed, their company has an office in Ningbo. In the past few years, most of them mainly exported traditional women's underwear with seams. , The unit price of seamed women's underwear is getting lower and lower, and the purchase volume of customers is getting less and less. Their company specially sent people to visit all over the world, and at the same time consulted some of their old customers. I learned that in recent years, knitted women's underwear is more popular. Customers also learned that underwear manufacturers that make women's underwear are more professional. The easiest way is to find underwear manufacturers through the Internet. In the past two years, Ladymate Knitting has attached great importance to the network channel, so customers can easily find our Ladymate Knitting. It is very close to Ningbo, and the Trade City is also well-known. Many underwear manufacturers have storefronts in the Trade City. Therefore, after communicating with customers online, the customer service staff suggested that customers can come to the factory. Visit the next factory to learn about the strength of the underwear factory and the actual situation of underwear processing. At around 14:00 in the afternoon, the customer called to say that they had come to Ladymate for knitting. The relevant reception staff of the underwear factory immediately welcomed the customer into the living room. After a brief introduction by the two parties, the customer took out 3 samples. It just so happens that we are good at knitting. Of course, we also recommend customers to communicate with our designers face-to-face to confirm that they can do it. Afterwards, the reception staff of the underwear factory also led customers to visit our showroom, and when they came to the showroom, the customer said that the showroom of our underwear factory is really tall, and it has the feeling of a hotel. Thousands of samples are displayed there. The customer carefully selected the sample clothes and asked some questions about the sample clothes. The relevant reception staff of the underwear factory answered them one by one. The customer was very satisfied. The customer also chose 3 sample clothes, let us quote first. After a short rest, I led the customer to the production workshop of the underwear factory. Along the way, customers praised our factory as the most beautiful underwear manufacturer they have ever seen. It is completely like a garden. In the production workshop of the underwear factory, the receptionist also introduced to the customers all aspects of production, how underwear is made from yarn Step by step to be processed into finished underwear products. Including, machine manufacturing workshop, inspection workshop, cutting workshop, sewing workshop, finished product warehouse, clothing design department, etc. The customer is very satisfied with our underwear factory, saying that he is sure to rest assured that he is looking for such an underwear manufacturer to cooperate with. Before the customer leaves, the receptionist has arranged the underwear samples selected by the customer to bring back, and quoted a good price to the customer. In addition, the samples brought by the customer will be proofed first. After the customer confirms, it is estimated that there will be about 20,000 pieces. , The first batch of shipments began in March. Since the beginning of March, the underwear factory has delivered 5,000 pieces.…… When the customer leaves the underwear factory, he is very grateful to Ladymate Knitting for the whole-process caring service accompanied by the reception staff. Thank you so much for your trust in Ladymate Knitting! For more information about Ladymate Knitting, please call: () Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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