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by:LADYMATE     2022-01-12
Seamless underwear is a kind of underwear that is knitted by a specific equipment. It is synthesized by high-pressure technology. There is no stitching. The use of high-elastic fabric makes the waist, buttocks and other parts without seams, only the patch on the crotch. Process as a post-process. Seamless underwear combines comfort, thoughtfulness, fashion, and change in one, and is currently favored and liked by more and more female consumers. Simply put, the types of seamless underwear include flat pants, briefs, thongs and so on. In contrast, due to the limitation of weaving technology and practices, traditional underwear will leave stitches after being cut, and the human body will definitely have a sense of restraint and discomfort when wearing it. Moreover, the stiff sutures will also affect the stretch performance of the underwear, which is likely to cause fatigue in the human body. The seamless underwear is woven as a whole on a special circular knitting machine. After completion, it is a complete underwear without stitching. Seamless underwear also has the following advantages: high waist warm palace, super shaping, breathable buttocks, scientific liposuction, advanced seamless technology to reject the sultry, comfortable and comfortable to wear next to the body. This seamless underwear adopts the most advanced weaving concept and technological equipment at present, and the selected fabrics are designed and built by 3D software, which makes the product rich in three-dimensionality, more ergonomic, and truly seamless. The seamless underwear has beautiful and smooth lines and stretches freely, bringing consumers a brand-new wearing experience and enjoyment, avoiding bloat and restraint, and making your body unknowingly bumpy, firm and stylish. Whether it is paired with pants or skirts, it is very close and comfortable. The seamless panties are tailored to lift the buttocks, modify the buttocks curve, and naturally lift the buttocks to show the beautiful buttocks. The above advantages are unmatched by traditional ordinary underwear.
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