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by:LADYMATE     2022-08-18
​ Underwear is one of the indispensable clothing for modern people. Underwear is also related to health, beauty and other related issues. I believe that many people still don’t know much about underwear. The following online celebrity underwear manufacturer Ladymate clothing editor collects experts For the answer to the underwear, I will share it with you:​ 1. Q: Why is it so important to choose the cup of underwear? Answer: Underwear cups are the heart of the whole underwear, and the quality of it not only affects the quality of the whole underwear, but also affects the health of the majority of women. Ordinary underwear uses sponge foam cups, which are chemicals extracted from petroleum. The main components are TDI (toluene diisocyanate), polyether, and amine. Long-term exposure will seriously affect physical health and become a chronic killer in daily life. Q: Why does underwear feel sensual? Answer: Because Eve's show underwear cups are refined from selected rubber tree milk, and guided by ergonomics and bionics, the ratio of weight, hand and human breasts is designed to be 1:1:1, and the sensuality simulation degree is 95. % or more, it can achieve the effect of being integrated with the breast, and it is very comfortable to wear and has no weight at all. Q: Why does underwear need to have a sense of weight? A: The sense of flesh includes the sense of weight, which is in the same proportion as the human body; first, it can bring women a new skin-friendly feeling, natural, dynamic and elastic; then, the realistic feeling brings more confidence to women. Third, women wear underwear with appropriate weight to make the breasts not easy to shift. Q: Can the underwear have holes to breathe? Answer: Most of the cup holes of breathable underwear are straight, which can only allow part of the skin to breathe. Natural rubber is used, and the principle of bionic honeycomb is used to scientifically design 600 ventilation holes arranged in a direction. With a certain length and the soft texture of rubber, women can effectively and automatically ventilate, convect and exchange oxygen while walking. Q: What are the benefits of massage for breasts? A: The health care function of massage can effectively promote blood circulation. Eve's show uses soft natural materials to not oppress the breasts, so that women can achieve stroking uninterrupted massage in their daily life, which is called massage effect. Q: Why is Eve's show vitality underwear antibacterial? Answer: Ordinary underwear uses sponge foam as raw material, and it is easier to filter residual sweat, dirt and detergent on the sponge cups during cleaning, and breed bacteria; the natural rubber material used in the vitality underwear cups has a smooth surface, non-absorbent, It does not absorb sweat, does not breed bacteria, and achieves natural antibacterial effect. Q: Does machine wash not deform? Answer: Ordinary underwear is because the sponge foam is used as the cup. It will gradually deform after cleaning. Q: What are the benefits of Conditioning Underwear? Answer: The adjustment function, according to the characteristics of fat movement, design and cut through the mechanical principle and use the transfer technology to guide the fat movement, so that the fat growth direction changes, and the armpit and abdominal fat begin to transfer to the chest, so as to achieve the ideal breast shape and reduce the abdomen. Body fashion design target for fat, upturned buttocks. The above is the expert's answer to underwear, I hope to help you.
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