Need to pay attention to the private order of wearing body underwear after childbirth

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-11
You can’t wear shapewear immediately after giving birth: From the perspective of physical and mental health, if you choose to give birth to a mother, you can wear shapewear after one month. The shapewear is applied after the body responds. Since the body shaper has a certain degree of work pressure on the human body, it can tighten the body fat and loose flesh, and the human body is relatively weak just after delivery. The privately-made Bodysuit manufacturer tells you that it is not suitable for wearing at this time, and it should be restored to a certain extent. Only then, don't be too anxious. If it is a mother who gave birth by abdomen, it will be a suitable time for the pregnant woman to wear shapewear after 6 months of delivery. The kinetic energy and the effect of endocrine imbalance will cause the body to be in a situation of high metabolism due to waiting for the wounds on the body produced by the abdomen to be repaired. After the cesarean section is healed, wearing the underwear processing factory body shaper will have practical effects to assist the internal organs moved during pregnancy to return to position, and it is also conducive to speeding up the discharge after delivery. Keep the shapewear environment clean and tidy: After giving birth, wear the shapewear and pay attention to the air permeability to avoid excessive heat generation, excessive sweat, and wound infection. Note that the body shaping clothes must be changed frequently to maintain dryness. However, while women are pursuing beauty, they must not neglect their physical and mental health. Although the underwear factory has the actual effect of shaping and losing weight, it must be gradually integrated into the body at a stage. When wearing the body underwear for the first time, it is not necessary to be too tight. It is very easy to block the body's blood circulation system, offset the body's bone structure and be oppressed human organs. . At night or when you are resting, you should take off your Bodysuit and change out looser underwear, so that your body can release the pressure.
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