Looking for underwear manufacturers and customers to visit Ladymate Knitting in the rain

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-09
After the beginning of the year, customers who need women's underwear also began to find suitable manufacturers. The customer, Ms. Shen, has been engaged in women's underwear foreign trade for many years, and these years are mainly sports women's underwear. Coinciding with the heavy rain these few days, the customer still came to the factory to visit the factory for on-the-spot investigation and negotiation. Today, the rain has been pattering non-stop, and the temperature has dropped a lot. Early in the morning, Ms. Shen, a customer, came to us and said that they came to our underwear factory today to visit and have a small talk. Miss Shen found our Ladymate knitting through the Internet from an underwear manufacturer in the beginning of the year. Customers are mainly engaged in sports underwear, underwear and other trade. They also have their own foreign trade teams, as well as multiple domestic sales teams, including e-commerce teams. This time, she looked for an underwear manufacturer mainly because she had also found an underwear manufacturer to cooperate with, and also knew that it was very advantageous to make knitted women's underwear, and it did a good job. Because of the unpleasant cooperation with this underwear manufacturer before, I thought of changing to another factory. I just found our Ladymate Knitting through the Internet, and learned that our Ladymate Knitting is a manufacturer specializing in underwear for 17 years. I also carefully checked the official website of our Ladymate Knitting on the Internet, and saw the professionalism of our underwear factory, as well as what we have done. 's product category is very similar to what she was looking for. She also posted some of their product categories, many of which happen to be our specialty. A few days later, she sent a message saying that after discussing with their senior management, she decided to visit our underwear factory and discuss related cooperation matters. These two days have been rainy and rainy again. The customer came to the underwear factory with information. After four or five hours of driving, a group of three customers came to Ladymate Knitting, and came into sight of three modern production and office buildings with font-like shapes. , the customer gave a thumbs up and laughed:“Your boss is making a lot of money. Sitting in the lounge area on the 3rd floor of the Ladymate Knitting Office Building, I briefly introduced the real situation of our underwear factory to the customer. We also took a closer look, and we have done a lot of these similar styles. After a short rest, directly take customers to the exhibition hall on the 5th floor of Ladymate Knitting. There are two exhibitions of nearly 1,000 square meters, east and west. More than 5,000 samples are displayed under the light of the exhibition hall, just like pieces of art quietly waiting for guests to appreciate. . The customer selected more than ten styles of women's underwear, let us quote the price to see which ones are in stock, simply pay back the price, and ordered 2,000 pieces on the spot, two of which are in stock, and the remaining ones are slightly modified after proofing. order again…… It was foggy and rainy, but it was hard to stop customers from coming to Ladymate Knitting Underwear Factory. Processing women's underwear, what are you hesitating to find underwear manufacturers, Ladymate Knitting welcomes you! ( ) --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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