Lingerie Design Inspiration

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-30
​ Inspiration for underwear design 1. Appearance design: exquisite back buckle, V-neck design, 0 seam using environmentally friendly resin dispensing, let you put it down. 2. The material in the cup: It is made of resin imported from Japan, and this fabric realizes no curling. 3. The design in the cup: the mold cup fabric is made of antibacterial and soft black technology breathable mesh cotton, which can not only support the breasts safely, but also reduce the hem to the greatest extent. Pressure, comfortable to accompany you all the time 4. Mould cup design: This cup shape has a rounded appearance, which is suitable for all kinds of fashions. The mould cup is light and breathable, and refuses to be stuffy.​ 5. Front V-neck design, cup bra with thick padding ·The effect is deep V, super shocking, and all-match coat, which is safe and elegant. 6. Back U design: deep V beautiful back, the back button is obedient to the upper body, more comfortable, simple and convenient to wear, and better to match the coat. 7. Shoulder straps: Use thin shoulder straps to prevent slipping, modify the line of the scapula, and at the same time enhance the chest-lifting effect. 8. Upper body effect: comfort, support, roundness, natural gathering
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