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by:LADYMATE     2021-10-16
What does the Ladymate underwear manufacturer say about underwear? When it comes to underwear, people think of a word called 'Tianyi'. Underwear is a bucket that is woven directly out of the side seams without cutting the side seams. The history of underwear development in Europe can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and our China can be traced back to the Han, Wei and Jin periods. The concept of underwear began in the 1980s and was translated from the previous knitting socks industry. Underwear is a fully formed knitted product that uses a fixed number of tubes and needles and is directly woven from yarn by a knitting machine to form a three-dimensional Knitted garments with curved shapes. Because all the underwear uses a new one-time molding process, so that the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts do not need to be seamed. Combining comfort, consideration, fashion, and change, it has become the mainstream product of knitted apparel. Underwear is becoming more and more popular! Underwear is the same as without stitching. The remaining stitches and bloated appearance of the garment at the side seams, shoulders, and underarms disappear. It has a higher fit and comfort than traditional knitwear, and the garment is no longer subject to stitching. The elastic binding of knitwear caused by the existence of thread. People wearing underwear feel more comfortable, close-fitting, moisture-absorbing, breathable, full and smooth, elastic and soft to the touch.
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