Ladymate underwear processing factory shaping series classification

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-19
Ladymate underwear processing factory shaping underwear can rebuild and rebuild the curve of the body; you can immediately sculpt your body shape, so that your happy posture can be fully revealed. In addition to caring for the body, the shaping underwear appropriately centralizes the breasts, sculpts the abdomen, and its thin waist effect, creating a natural sexy, charming and graceful charm. It can make you discover a sexy, charming and beautiful figure again, firmly, decorate and maintain the excess flesh in the right part, instantly let you have a slim and curvaceous body shape, and show the ultimate curve shape! Shaping underwear not only allows you to immediately show the posture you explored and discovered, it can also adjust and restore your body curve for a long time. In addition to the exquisite body shape, the body will become more slender, more flexible, and firmer. There are many types of shaping underwear as follows: 1. Adjustable bra: It can decorate the chest curve to make the chest firm and enhance the feeling of plumpness. In addition, it avoids opening and loosening of the chest, showing a beautiful and charming chest. 2. Corset: The uniform body shape is determined by the abdomen curve. The design of the corset can produce a body curve, lift the waist, and manipulate the accumulation of body fat in the stomach and abdomen. 3. Bunch pants: used to pull up and produce plump buttocks, in addition to inhibit the protrusion of the lower abdomen, long pants can also tighten the flesh of the root of the thigh, decorate the curve from the buttocks to the root of the thigh. 4. Three-in-one corset for chest, waist and abdomen: To put it bluntly, it can adjust the curves of the three positions of chest, waist and abdomen. It is reliable to wear and not easy to loosen. 5. One-piece full-body upper and lower corset: From the chest to the buttocks, the one-piece wraps up. In addition to the curves of each position of the sculpture, it is also possible to avoid leaning the neck forward and correct the posture. As far as the material level is concerned: focus on elasticity, restraint, and even clothing comfort. The demand for beauty is not high. The application of stretchable lace edges and Leica stretchable fabrics promotes the new generation of adjustable underwear to have the advantages of breathability and lightness. The entire underwear is made of stretchable materials, which promotes the body-to-body tube bundle energy of the underwear to be more uniform and reduces the flesh. An adverse reaction in which the meat is squeezed and squeezed to the side. In terms of style: pay attention to tolerance, and the one-half cover, three-quarter cover of the general bra... are rare here. As far as the wire frame level is concerned: it is more complicated and meticulous than ordinary bras and trousers, in order to achieve a blunt promotion and centralization. Smooth actual effect. When buying adjustable underwear, you should choose the material that is suitable for your skin. Because the fabric of the adjustable underwear generally has thickness and compressive strength, it can give full play to the role of body shape adjustment. If the skin is allergic to some organic chemical materials, Try to choose underwear with a high content of pure natural materials. In addition, when buying trousers and jumpsuit underwear, you must try on clothes, and you should wear ultra-small underwear, but you don’t need to wear pantyhose to feel the effect of underwear on the skin. The resulting feeling, and whether it will cause skin discomfort.
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