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by:LADYMATE     2021-09-22
The underwear is close to the skin and is called the 'second skin' of women. High-quality underwear fabrics give gentle care to the skin, while fake and inferior fabrics are a heavy pressure and damage, so the choice of fabrics is very important. The following brand underwear OEMs will popularize underwear fabric expertise for everyone. Most of the underwear fabrics of brand underwear foundries are divided into two categories: pure natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Pure natural fabrics are also divided into fiber materials (chemical fibers such as cotton fabrics and animal fiber fabrics. Animal fiber fabrics are also divided into hair (wool velvet, rabbit hair, etc.) fabrics and mulberry silk fabrics, tussah silk, etc. Chemical fibers are large Part of it is used for the close-fitting part of underwear. Because of the limitation of chemical fibers, underwear now uses man-made fiber fabrics (polyester, nylon, spandex). Here are four common underwear fabrics. 1. Cotton is breathable, breathable, breathable, Easy to print and dye. In recent years, manufacturers like to blend cotton with various chemical fibers. Adding synthetic fibers to cotton is suitable for adjusting underwear. It is not only breathable, but also has the function of supporting points. As everyone knows, cotton It is very easy to fade, mold and stain whitebait. When exposed to water, the size of the cotton will shrink or expand, its stretch elasticity is poor and it is very easy to wrinkle. Sweat will continue to reduce the compressive strength of cotton, causing change Yellow. Cotton is very easy to deform due to fatigue, and it is not easy to volatilize after being breathable. Because of this objectivity, cotton cannot be used for ultrasonic production and processing of underwear, only nylon and spandex are used. 2. Satin feels and materials are good, no Static induction, breathable and breathable. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. The brand underwear foundry suggests that you must wash or dry clean it slowly. Velvet is elegant and luxurious, of course smooth and clean. If you use French lace or French embroidery patterns and velvet to decorate the design and match , Can achieve very beautiful practical effects. 3. Leica Leica is a high-quality spandex. It is the trademark registration of high-quality spandex developed and designed by the former DuPont company in the United Kingdom. Leica has 4-7 times the widening and can be completely Restoring to the original appearance, there is little restriction on people. Leica can be used with all fabrics, but it cannot be woven independently. Because Leica is elastic, comfortable, and bearable, it makes the fabric have extraordinary elasticity. Used in underwear The upper not only makes the underwear more elastic and closer to the human body, but also makes it more comfortable, beautiful, not easy to walk, not easy to wrinkle, etc. It also has a fine, thin and smooth texture. 4. Modal fiber is Chemical fiber woven from pure natural wood or other raw materials. Since chemical fiber itself and the raw materials used in the processing process can be recycled and reused, it is a green and environmentally friendly product in the new era, also known as reconstituted cellulose Fiber. It has breathability and water absorption. Its soft, smooth and delicate characteristics make the fabric as smooth as silk and satin, and the clothes are extremely comfortable. It is not easy to fade after continuous washing. As everyone knows, it is very easy to fluff, maintain appearance and wear resistance. Poor performance and strong flammability. 5. The alias of nylon nylon is polyamide, which is also called nylon chemical fiber in daily life. Nylon is made by drawing nylon raw materials into very fine chemical fibers and woven According to the difference of nylon raw materials, nylon 6 and nylon 66 are common. Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic response. Its abrasion resistance is far ahead of all kinds of fabrics, and is better than other chemicals in the same industry. Fiber fabric is many times higher than that, so it has excellent performance. In addition, the water absorption of nylon fabric is that of man-made fiber fabrics. Good variety, so the clothes and pants made of nylon are very comfortable.
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