Ladymate teaches you how to choose underwear for strapless clothes

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-22
Speaking of how to match underwear with off-shoulder jackets, the most common one should be how to hide the underwear straps. The general underwear straps exposed to the outside are not an elegant dress. There are four key ways to hide the shoulder straps. One is to choose invisible underwear, the other is to buy strapless underwear, and the other is to wear a chest-wrapped bra. Naturally, you can also wear general The shoulder straps of the underwear bra are removed to match these. The following underwear OEM processing teaches you how to wear strapless clothes and pants with underwear. 4 comparisons of whether to wear strapless underwear or to wrap your chest. 1. Comparing the requirements of the breast shape, whether it is strapless underwear or breast-wrapped bras, they are all underwear without straps. In the case of matching underwear, they are especially suitable for matching with strapless clothing, but it is also because they are missing. The pull-up resistance of the shoulder straps makes it impossible to strengthen the actual effect of improving the chest shape and preventing relaxation. Therefore, they are not suitable for women with full breasts, but more suitable for girls with flat breasts or normal breast sizes. However, even though they are all suitable for flat-chested wear, I think there are still some differences in the size of the chest for the strapless underwear. Relatively speaking, the suitable group of strapless underwear is wider than the bras. The bras are more suitable for girls with ab cups and good breasts, and those with strapless underwear and cd cups are also very suitable. 2. Comparison of clothing reliability. When everyone wears strapless underwear or bras, the most worrying thing should be their clothing reliability, that is, whether they will fall off. If a strapless underwear does not have a unique floor non-slip design, it is better for everyone to wear a breast-wrapped bra. After all, the material of the breast-wrapped fabric is very extensible, and it only has to be worn tightly. It is very easy for the bra to fall off. 3. The actual effect of clothing is compared to the case of underwear matching. It is better to wear strapless underwear or to wrap the chest. In the actual effect of clothing, it is probably the same, that is, no straps. However, they still have a very small and crucial difference. Everyone knows that there are many kinds of off-shoulder jackets. Among them, there will be a different outer neckline. Some off-shoulder jackets have a straight chest, while some It is a cup-shaped arc. At this moment, it will be different if it is better to wear strapless underwear or to wrap the chest. Because strapless underwear is more common in a cup of underwear, it matches well with a cup-shaped jacket, and the wrapped chest is The bra is wrapped, if you match it with a cup-shaped jacket, then the underwear will be exposed slightly. 4. Comparison of underwear sizes. Everyone knows that the size of strapless underwear is the same as that of ordinary underwear bras. They are all determined by precise cup size and lower bust size, and breast-wrapped bras, although some are also There is a cup cover, but that only detachable chest pad inserts, there is no harm to the number of breast wraps with inserts that do not require chest pads. The size of the breast wraps is based on the size code or the free size. Therefore, in the size Choosing a breast-wrapped corset is likely to be a little worrying. Above is the underwear OEM process that teaches you the selection of strapless clothes and underwear. When it comes to strapless clothes with underwear, whether it is better to wear strapless underwear or wrap your chest, just send it here. Underwear brand processing editor thinks that it is better to wear strapless underwear or to wrap your chest. The key thing to consider is the size of the chest, the reliability of the clothing and which style of jacket to match. According to the size, the selection of strapless underwear is easier. These can be purchased directly according to the size of the general underwear bra.
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