Ladymate knitting tells you what is the difference between underwear and seamed underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-30
At present, women's underwear on the market is divided into underwear and seamed underwear, so what is the difference between underwear and seamed underwear? Why is it so popular to wear underwear today? Ladymate Knitting has been focusing on sports bras, Bodysuit, knitted camisole, 5/7 pants, yoga clothes, sportswear professional underwear manufacturer for 17 years, telling you the difference between underwear and seamed underwear! First of all, seamed underwear will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. This is also very understandable, because the seamed underwear adopts the traditional process, the knitted fabric is cut and then sewed, so the finished garment must have two or more seams, and the skin will be sewn after wearing it for a long time. In addition, due to the limitation of processing technology, the material used for seamed underwear is not elastic enough to fit the body, and it will become larger after wearing it for a long time. The underwear uses the yarn directly to the finished garment, one-time molding, no side seam partition, continuous weft knitting fiber weaving process, no need to go through the sewing process, the elasticity can be better controlled artificially, because there is no seam, wear Fits more comfortably on the body. In recent years, underwear has become more and more popular among young people, especially female friends who like fitness. Because the underwear has good elasticity and is comfortable to wear on the body, it can play a role in shaping and beautifying the body. Like the raw material yarn of underwear produced by Ladymate knitting, it adopts a special special material ratio, which has the characteristics of sweat absorption and quick drying, and there is no pressure or discomfort when worn on the body. Over the years, the underwear factory produced by Ladymate knitting has been exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, the United States and other places, and is deeply loved by local people. Some people may say that the shape of clothes made of seamed underwear is more flexible. In fact, it is not. With the further automation and intelligent upgrading of underwear knitting, the popular underwear can already weave a variety of organizational structures at one time.“Heavenly clothes! The production cost of underwear is lower than that of seamed underwear, because the underwear adopts an automatic intelligent knitting machine, which is fully automatic and one-time formed and controlled by computer, so the efficiency is higher and the cost is lower. Nowadays, many underwears are woven with a variety of fibers, which are not only beautiful, but also durable and washable, and not easy to deform! Looking for underwear manufacturers to choose Ladymate knitting, we have been focusing on underwear custom processing and production for 17 years. Because of our focus, we are professional, and because of our professionalism, it is worth your understanding! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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