Ladymate knitting teaches you 4 suggestions for women's underwear matching, making you instantly beautiful and fashionable

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-30
Now that the society is progressing, people are becoming more and more particular about dressing. The MM wardrobe of Aimei is often full of dazzling underwear, such as thin, strapless, suspenders, etc. So how should these thin, revealing and transparent women's underwear be compared with What about the jacket? Ladymate knitting has been a manufacturer of women's underwear for 17 years, reminding you: women's underwear is a little careless, easy to make you“It's embarrassing to be embarrassed in public! In the previous article, women should pay attention to 4 points when wearing underwear. Did you make it? Ladymate Knitting specifically mentioned that the color of women's underwear should be harmonious, and it should be in harmony with the color of the outerwear. So today, Ladymate Knitting is specifically aimed at some of our common color matching skills for women's underwear, and I hope it will help you! 1. If you like light-colored or translucent outerwear, you should choose underwear that is close to your skin tone! It's summer, and MM's clothes are becoming more and more eye-catching, and more and more light-colored or translucent outerwear is worn. According to the principle that women's underwear should be in harmony with the color of outerwear, under the warm colors such as pink and light yellow and semi-transparent outerwear, women's underwear in flesh-colored or close to flesh-colored is better. Fashion-loving MM can match some women's underwear such as bright yellow, very light camel, tender pink, tooth white, foundation color, etc., which will give people a harmonious, natural, relaxed and casual impression. Ladymate Knitting specially reminds MM that those who like light-colored or translucent outerwear should not match the pure white women's underwear, although pure white women's underwear is a favorite color of many people, because pure white women's underwear is in light color. Or translucent outerwear and the skin is particularly prominent against the background. 2. Those who like light-colored outerwear should also match light-colored women's underwear! Young girls are sunny and full of energy, and tender colors are just right. The yellow-green, orange, orange, light yellow, tender pink and other colors can make MM more youthful, beautiful and lovely. Ladymate knitting suggests that at this time MM can choose some women's underwear such as pure white to match it, it is better! Of course, you can also choose some yellow, light brown, lavender, light green and other women's underwear to match; of course, if you like that kind of low-necked or off-shoulder jacket, Ladymate knitting is recommended to choose the color matching of women's underwear or should be closer to it. It is appropriate, because it will not be too eye-catching and appear abrupt; of course, if your coat is conservative, then you can choose more casual colors when choosing women's underwear. When matching women's underwear, we must pay attention to one thing. We pay attention to the harmony and unity of the color matching of women's underwear. Never match dark-colored women's underwear with light-colored outerwear. 3. If you like dark-colored outerwear, you can choose women's underwear of similar colors or opposite colors! Through the film and television and fashion industry, we can clearly see that in some more solemn occasions, MM's dresses are mostly black, dark green, navy blue, purple red, dark coffee, dark red, violet blue and other colors. Ladymate knitting suggests that black, dark blue, brown, bright red, dark green, rose purple, etc. are the most suitable for matching women's underwear. In the two-person world, for candlelight dinner, you can choose some matching methods with strong color contrast, such as black coat with red underwear or blue coat with rose-colored underwear, which can make you more personalized and seductive! The deep meaning of it is self-evident. 4. If you like bright-colored outerwear, you can choose bright-colored women's underwear to match it! Some visually eye-catching colors such as red, bright yellow, emerald green, sapphire blue, rose, etc., such coats can be matched with women's underwear in colors such as white, golden red, fruit green, lake blue, dark pink, rose red, etc. Can well bring out the gorgeous and cheerful MM! In short, women's underwear has a lot of attention and knowledge! This requires that we usually learn more and learn from life! A person's attitude and experience in life can be seen from the clothes and clothes of a person, from the outside to the inside, from the inside to the heart! Be an intellectual woman, love yourself and love life! For more information about women's underwear, please continue to follow up on Ladymate Knitting! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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