Ladymate Knitting reminds underwear processing factory customers that these 3 points are very important for holiday operations

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-26
The Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer, and underwear processing factories are getting busier and busier. So during this period of time, how do you maintain customers in the underwear processing factory, and how do you manage holidays? In fact, holidays are a good time to narrow the distance between customers and underwear processing factories. Ladymate Knitting has been a manufacturer of underwear for 17 years, and it also reminds you not to miss the holiday business. There is a saying in the marketing world“Sales create performance, everything else is cost! The same is true for underwear processing factories. How to receive orders from customers is a big part of the early stage to solve the customer's sense of trust and narrow the distance with customers. Then in today's fast-paced Internet development, people are looking for underwear processing factories more, and their choices are more flexible. When customers choose you, they may also find your competitors' underwear processing manufacturers. The sales department of each underwear processing factory has a large number of potential customers. These customers need to be followed up and maintained, and need to be activated with the help of timing, so the timing of holidays is a good opportunity. During the holidays, Ladymate Knitting suggests that you should do a good job at this time: 1. Customer maintenance before the holidays. Before each holiday, the underwear processing factory should notify the customer according to the actual situation, ask the customer whether there is any additional order, how long the underwear processing factory is, and the 24-hour service hotline during the holiday, you can contact at any time in case of emergencies. Like underwear factory Ladymate knitting, the normal delivery time is 15-25 days, so underwear processing factories generally send information to customers about 20 days before the holiday, and then send SMS, WeChat, phone, email, etc. three days before the holiday. Notify customers, greet customers and send greetings. 2. Customer maintenance during the holidays of the underwear processing factory. During the holidays, Ladymate Knitting recommends not to disturb customers easily. You can always pay attention to customers' WeChat Moments, Weibo, QQ space dynamics, etc., give more likes, comments and blessings to customers, and you can also share some of your happy holidays. Things to customers, we must maintain interaction with customers. This way customers will remember you better. 3. Customer maintenance after the holidays of the underwear processing factory. After the holidays, the maintenance of customers in underwear processing plants is also very critical. Ladymate Knitting suggests that when the sales staff return to the underwear processing factory after the holiday, they should send greetings to the customer in time, and inform the underwear processing factory that it has also started work after the holiday and whether it needs products or processing orders. For some old customers, you can call to greet them on holidays and so on. Therefore, for holiday customer management, Ladymate Knitting suggests that the sales staff of underwear processing plants should do a good job in this, and I believe that the relationship between customers and you will be further improved. In addition, Ladymate Knitting also reminds that customers operating during holidays, the sales staff of underwear processing factories should also communicate with some senior business managers for advice, and don't be too revealing, making customers think that you are ordering for the order. At the same time, you are a manufacturer of underwear processing. How about you? How do you manage your customers during the holidays? I hope that today, the 3 points of holiday management for customers separated by the underwear processing factory Ladymate Tower Weaving will inspire you! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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