Ladymate Knitting Reminder: Why Women's Underwear Manufacturers Should Be Wary of Disorderly Expansion

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-26
In the past two years, the manufacturers of women's underwear have not had a good time. With the rise of e-commerce, women's underwear processing industry information is more transparent and fast. Many underwear manufacturers who are not competitive will be anxious. In order to survive and develop, some underwear manufacturers will blindly keep an eye on the changes in the market trend. What kind of women's underwear sells well? , forcibly mount a horse, which will increase a great risk to oneself invisibly. With the rise of the Internet boom, the decision-makers of many underwear manufacturers feel at a loss; the severe practical problems, the continuous decline of women's underwear processing orders, many decision-makers will find institutions everywhere to learn, nowadays, many courses are about business models, enterprise transformation and upgrading, electronic Business, NBA, etc., in the Internet age, customer-centric, do what customers need……Many underwear manufacturers have been producing and processing press-molded women's underwear with seams. Because the orders for underwear processing have declined, and now I have listened to the course and listened to the teacher's talk about the modern age, we must be customer-centric, and finally find a customer to find a customer, and the customer wants to do It's women's underwear, and I'm not good at it. In addition, I heard that women's underwear is more popular, and I was happy for a while, thinking that it should be a transformation to make underwear. Forcibly reorganized the original team, and purchased equipment to make women's underwear that he was not good at. The results are predictable. There are also some underwear factories that claim to be manufacturers for more than 10 years, claiming that they can do anything on the Internet, almost all-encompassing, women's underwear, underwear, seamless underwear, men's underwear, etc. In fact, after careful research, it seems that he is very good at everything, and he can do everything, but he is not good at everything, and does not form his own advantages. Most of these underwear manufacturers are still mainly engaged in OEM processing, and have no independent research and development capabilities. When the market environment is good, it may be good, but when the market environment is bad, immediately cut off this department and that department. When cutting off the people in the department, naturally some people who are good at making women's underwear have to be stuffed. In the underwear department, the overall skills of the personnel are uneven, and the products produced can be imagined. Many underwear factory technicians have changed jobs because they are at a loss from the actual arrangements, resulting in a large number of brain drains, and the survival of this underwear manufacturer is in jeopardy. There are many such examples that are actually staged in underwear manufacturers every year. So how do underwear manufacturers break through the siege at this stage? Ladymate knitted for 17 years specializing in knitted women's underwear manufacturers believe that they can start from the following three aspects, and may be able to turn the corner. 1. Keep the existing and develop the new. If underwear manufacturers want to develop steadily, they must have a certain number of old customers, and at the same time do a good job in maintaining old customers, and maintain a good relationship with quality old customers. Learn to hold together with old customers to tide over the current difficulties. Under the circumstance that underwear manufacturers do not lose money, appropriate profits are given to customers. Only when customers survive can underwear manufacturers survive. At the same time, pay attention to retain the outstanding talents of the underwear factory, and make great achievements! 2. Focus on and give full play to the underwear factory's own advantages. Every underwear manufacturer that is developing steadily must give full play to its own advantages as much as possible. It is impossible for an underwear manufacturer to be good at everything and be good at everything. In the case of giving full play to our own advantages, we issued some extension products. 3. Avoid random expansion. When the decision-making level of underwear manufacturers needs to transform, there is nothing wrong with appropriate external learning, but after learning, they must learn to reflect on their own underwear manufacturers, listen to other people's stories, and reflect on their own lives. In the case of a bad environment, the situation of each underwear manufacturer is different. Blind and random expansion will only make your underwear manufacturer worse. Therefore, the decision-makers of women's underwear manufacturers should keep their minds light and survive in a stable environment when the environment is not good! Only in this way will we get over the difficulties ahead! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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