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by:LADYMATE     2022-10-05
​ Ladymate clothing seamless underwear manufacturer's purchase advice The seamless underwear manufacturer's advice to everyone is that this kind of underwear must not be bought with a flat angle. On the contrary, the more triangular the better, and the print will not be stuck at the root of the thigh: Second, the main fabric Don't choose too thin, too soft or too sparse, it will also shift, choose a thicker one, the key is to have high elasticity and good wrapping, but it is easy to wear. The third is that the lace trousers should be wide enough, stiffer and elastic enough, and it will not work if they are too narrow and soft. One is the button on the back, which sticks out when you put it on; the other is the protruding line on the edge of the front cup: This is the troublesome problem. Traceless is also very special. And our genes seem to be thin people, but they are fake skinny people with a lump of flesh on their back. Even wearing ordinary seamless underwear, it is difficult to have no traces... Aunt Pan, who has headaches, has had headaches, because I myself suffer from it in the summer. I really like the combination of a tight bodysuit or a vest + high-waisted jeans/skirt, so girls are often asked 'what underwear are you wearing'. There is no trace immediately, no trace on the front and back, and because the back is very wide, the sense of restraint is not as strong as that of traditional underwear, so there will be no strips of meat.
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