Ladymate clothing seamless underwear design inspiration

by:LADYMATE     2022-10-05
​ Design inspiration for the seamless underwear of Ladymate clothing Design inspiration: light luxury and elegant strips, Q elastic soft support, deep V neckline design, exudes a charming intellectual atmosphere. With mature seamless fitting process, and sexy deep V 1/3 cups, the use of breathable cloud-feeling cotton split cotton cups (to prevent bacterial growth, maintain a good 3D breast shape after wearing), breathable, sweat-absorbing, fashion and health Together, comfort and elegance go hand in hand. Let you dress fashionably and at the same time reduce a lot of restraint, make ordinary tube tops more fashionable and feminine, and the fashion of the whole underwear enhanced by the contrasting color edge, it is more comfortable and breathable to wear, the style without steel ring, more Beneficial for breast health.​ 1. Appearance design: Exquisite back buckle, V-neck design, 0 seam using environmentally friendly resin dispensing, let you put it down. 2. Material in the cup: It adopts resin imported from Japan for dispensing, and this fabric realizes no curling. 3. Design in the cup: The mold cup fabric is made of antibacterial and soft black technology breathable mesh cotton, which can not only support the breasts safely, but also reduce the pressure to a large extent, and accompany you comfortably all the time. 4. Mold cup design: This cup-shaped appearance Sleek and versatile, the mold cup is light and breathable, and refuses to be stuffy. 5. The front V-neck design, the cup bra with thick padding and the effect of deep V super shocking and stunning all-match coat, safe and elegant. 6. Back U design: deep V beautiful back, the back button is obedient to the upper body, more comfortable, simple and convenient to wear, and better to match the coat. 7. Shoulder straps: Use thin shoulder straps to prevent slipping, modify the line of the scapula, and at the same time enhance the chest-lifting effect. 8. Upper body effect: comfortable, supportive, rounded and naturally gathered.
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