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by:LADYMATE     2022-10-05
​ Ladymate clothing breathable underwear customization I believe every woman has an experience, the chest triangle must be the hardest hit area for sweating! When I often walk around in the hot sun, I can feel the sweat dripping down the cleavage, which is wet and itchy, and the nipples are easily sensitive; in order to solve this problem, this underwear has a very bold and innovative design: along the lower part of the chest The 'breathable ice holes' of different sizes are like small exhaust fans, which wick away sweat and moisture for 24 hours, greatly reducing the sultry feeling, so comfortable that you wonder if a small air conditioner is secretly installed in your underwear! How breathable is it? Ladymate clothing breathable underwear custom made a small experiment: Put the chest pad under the water vapor, the water vapor penetrates out instantly, without any hindrance, it can be seen that the ventilation hole is powerful~ Then turn on the hair dryer at a low speed, and you can pass through the underwear. Wouldn't it be cool to blow the paper and wear it on the body? Ladymate clothing breathable underwear customized water simulated the situation of sweating, just poured it on, the water was absorbed instantly, I wouldn't believe it if I saw it with my own eyes; I touched the surface with a paper towel, no water was stuck on it, and it was dry and dry It's no wonder that sweating is not sticky, and it can effectively control the growth of bacteria; it is not allergic, no prickly heat, no acne, no itching, especially suitable for those with sweaty constitution and sensitive skin~
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