Ladymate brand breastfeeding bra wholesale agent processing factory how the goddess should not be missed

by:LADYMATE     2022-10-02
The Ladymate brand nursing bra is a bra that is especially convenient for mothers to wear during breastfeeding. When choosing a nursing bra, you should pay attention to the following details: First, the nursing bra fabric should be made of healthy and harmless materials, which can be safely contacted by mothers and babies. Nursing bras made of cotton are generally recommended. The Ladymate nursing bra is made from Body Fresh microdenier yarn, which is softer, finer and more breathable than cotton. It can effectively prevent sagging breasts and protect the health of the mother's breasts. Secondly, the cups of nursing bras should be large enough, and should not be too tight or too small, which will easily compress the chest, which is not conducive to relieve breast pain and other problems during breastfeeding. It is best to wear loose, comfortable and well-fitting bras. You should also change different types of bras from time to time according to your chest conditions, so that your chest is always in a loose and comfortable environment, which is beneficial to your health. Then, the design function of the nursing bra should be convenient for breastfeeding. The Ladymate nursing bra fully considers the actual needs of the mother, and adopts the humanized design of the front-opening mommy buckle, which is convenient for the mother to breastfeed with one hand, and it can be used repeatedly for tens of thousands of times. At the same time, it can well protect the private parts, so that there are no bumps or leaks, so as to avoid the embarrassment when breastfeeding. , In addition, the Ladymate Nursing Bra is also designed with a lactation aid belt to prevent breast displacement and facilitate the placement of breast pads. The removable breast pad is also designed for easy replacement and cleaning, and the breast pad can absorb excess milk and avoid bacterial infection that may be caused by wearing a bra for a long time. In addition, the U-shaped back buckle can effectively wrap the back fat and the elasticity can be adjusted. All in all, the advantage of the Ladymate brand nursing bra is that there is no steel ring gathering, gathering, elasticity, no deformation, and no chest pressure, which achieves the perfect fusion of shaping and comfort. Editor in charge of this article Ladymate Knitting (Ladymate Knitting),
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