Ladymate body underwear customization tips for buying underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-22
For women, comfortable underwear not only makes her feel comfortable, but also protects their breasts from details. In the new era, healthy and comfortable underwear is an inevitable requirement for women's lives, but the quality of underwear on the market is uneven. How to choose comfortable and healthy underwear? What kind of underwear is suitable for a long time? Now, let's take a look at the skills of choosing underwear with Bodysuit customization! The use of high-quality fabrics for underwear is a kind of gentle care for women's skin, on the contrary, inferior fabrics are a heavy burden and damage. Underwear fabrics are generally divided into natural fabrics and synthetic fibers. There are many types of natural fabrics, including plant fiber (such as cotton, linen, etc.) fabrics and animal fiber fabrics. Animal fiber fabrics are divided into wool fabrics (wool, rabbit hair, etc.) and secretory fabrics (mulberry silk, tussah silk, etc.). Cotton underwear has the advantages of sweating, breathability, warmth, easy to dye, and easy to print. Therefore, if you want to make yourself feel more comfortable, you can choose cotton underwear. However, cotton underwear also has some disadvantages, such as easy color change and mildew. , Insects, etc. Too much or too little water will cause cotton to stretch poorly and easily wrinkle. Acid can also reduce the strength of cotton and cause yellowing of cotton. Cotton cloth is easy to deform due to fatigue, and it is not easy to volatilize after absorbing sweat. The fabric suitable for women's skin is 'silkThe only disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. When washing, be sure to dry gently with your hands. The velvet is exquisite and luxurious, naturally smooth. If decorated with French lace or Swiss embroidery, velvet and other decorative objects, the effect is excellent. In modern life, freedom is the pursuit of more women, so comfortable and breathable underwear is also the choice of more women. Monel is also one of ordinary underwear fabrics. It is spun with natural wood or other materials and has breathability and moisture absorption. It has the characteristics of soft, fresh and delicate, making the fabric smooth like silk, extremely comfortable to wear, and not easy to fade after repeated washing.
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