Ladymate apparel seamless dispensing underwear production

by:LADYMATE     2022-10-05
​ Ladymate apparel seamless dispensing underwear production With the recent popularity of seamless underwear on e-commerce, underwear manufacturers have a higher pursuit of production efficiency and quality. The application of automatic dispensing equipment in seamless underwear can be said to be a step for automatic equipment to enter people's lives. The seamless underwear is actually bonding the main body of the underwear, the upper part and the lower part, so the seamless underwear dispensing is an important process in its production. Non-marking underwear bonding automatic dispensing equipment - visual jet dispensing machine, with years of experience in manufacturing automation equipment and attention to the industry, Coppino independently develops and produces glue dispensing machine equipment for non-marking clothing bonding. The visual jet dispensing machine is not only suitable for the automatic dispensing process of seamless underwear, but also in sports underwear, fashion bras, body sculpting underwear, T-shirts and other casual clothing, fitness clothes, swimwear, tights and other elastic fit clothes. application. In the underwear production industry, underwear is people's close-fitting clothing, so the requirements for underwear are relatively high. There are some requirements for the production of underwear fabrics and the dispensing process of underwear. With the improvement of people's living standards, seamless underwear is more popular now, and the seamless process is an important production process developed in recent years. Zhuoguang Technology's traceless dispensing process, using the advantages of rich adhesive technology, proposes an innovative non-marking dispensing process, which has become a new benchmark for non-marking technology.
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