Ladymate Apparel OEM processing: proper dressing skills for shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-23
Ladymate Apparel-underwear production, processing, manufacturing, undergarment OEM processing, production and customization, body shaping and body underwear factory everyone talks about; the appropriate wearing skills of body shaping clothes: underwear OEM processing tells about the underwear bra skews the body into ninety degrees, and the fat is about to be accurately positioned Put on the shoulder strap with the back buckle. To maintain the slope of the human body, open the shoulder strap with one hand, and insert the other hand under the shoulder strap to draw the fat from the back, under the armpits, and the abdominal cavity into the cup. After collecting the breast fat, close the cup when propping up the breast to show the water drop shape, stand up and fix the shoulder straps. Adjust the back buckle of the lower chest to below the collarbone. The waist clip first buckles the corset on the chest button, then turn to the back to adjust the position, butt the chest at the support point of the chest base, and the back has a straight line aspect ratio. The trousers roll up the abdomen and the trouser legs to both sides, and the two hands intervene in it to open it, making the trousers very easy to wear. Align the diamond-shaped design of the abdominal cavity in the middle and thread the thin waistband to the base of the leg. Grasp the top of the trousers, pull it up to the feet, and then comb the trouser legs. Grasp the middle part with one hand, and with the other hand, lift the thigh root fat on both sides to the middle to make the buttocks fat into the buttocks cup. Repeat the same movement on the upper and lower sides. Check in all directions. After the abdominal cavity is calmed, make sure that the buttocks are pulled up without being squeezed. If the adjustment is not timely, then repeat the adjustment of fat. Good fabric is necessary for good breathability and ductility. First, the style that suits you is very important. Second, the precise measurement, if the measurement is too tight, it will be uncomfortable, and the actual effect will not be significant if the measurement is too loose. A very important one, you must have a technical professional shaping weight loss adjuster to let you adjust the fat. In Western countries, the shaping and weight loss dialer is called the body builder. Her job is to push the fat on the back, arms, and especially the abdominal cavity down to the chest, and then use body underwear to immobilize it. Come out; fix the unnecessary fat on the roots of the thighs in the buttocks according to the adjustment, and then make women's breasts and buttocks more erect and plump. Warm reminder for underwear OEM processing: If you don’t wear Bodysuit, your body shape is loose and your clothes and pants are tight. After putting on Bodysuit, your hot body will show up immediately. People with looser fat will see actual results after wearing it for a week; those with stronger fat will see actual results in about a month; they can rebuild their body shape and accurately locate the curve after wearing them for three months, so that you can find your youthful style. color.
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