Ladies' underwear shoulder straps are wide and thin. Underwear manufacturers teach you to pay attention to these points

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-25
In the past two days, I received a query from a friend:“Xiao Ding, aren't you working in an underwear factory? Let me ask you a question, why some women's underwear back straps are very wide and some are very thin, and how to choose? I'm also at a loss for words, yes, is the design of the back straps of women's underwear wide and thin just for fashion? Back to the underwear manufacturer, I specifically consulted the professional designer of the underwear manufacturer. It turns out that there is so much knowledge in the width and thickness design of the back and shoulder straps of women's underwear.…… The width of the shoulder strap design of women's underwear is mainly the same as the style of women's underwear, for different women, different“chest, and different seasons. In addition to considering its fashion elements when designing underwear styles, designers mainly design their shoulder widths according to these needs. Then MM should also fully combine its own actual situation to choose the suitable wide and thin underwear shoulder strap style when choosing women's underwear. We know that if the shoulder straps of women's underwear are too thin, the marks on the back are relatively obvious, while the women's underwear with wide width at the back is less obvious. Moreover, underwear with a wide back is more stable than underwear with a thin back, so most of the women's underwear in the general sports series are designed with wide shoulder straps. At the same time, when we choose women's underwear, we should also choose according to our body type. If your“The chest is relatively plump, so when choosing women's underwear, the shoulder straps should be as wide as possible, because it is necessary to support and protect“The role of the chest device, so when girls with small breasts choose women's underwear, they can choose the kind with thinner shoulder straps at the back, which can better bring out your sexy. There are also seasonal factors. In the design process of women's underwear, designers will also take into account seasonal factors. For example, in summer, the weather is hot and it is easy to sweat. Choose women's underwear that is more breathable and thin, and the shoulder straps at the back are thinner. This is more comfortable and cool; while the weather is cold in winter, you can wear women's underwear with wider shoulder straps at the back, which is more warm and comfortable. In addition, when designing women's underwear, the designer will also consider the style of the underwear. Different styles of underwear will have different widths at the back. For example, the back of the adjustable underwear is wider, with at least three rows, while the back of ordinary underwear, There are only two rows, and the adjustable underwear generally plays the role of adjusting the chest shape, so the back is wider. In short, the width and thinness of the shoulder straps of women's underwear are selected according to their own body shape and requirements, with health and comfort as the first priority, and do not pursue temporary sexiness and damage your body and mind. Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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