Japanese underwear design ideas

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-22
​ Change the pattern and put a 'strip' in the bag. Japanese underwear that won't fall off at all and won't move the cup, especially the sponge inside, the quality is worrying, and it is easy to breed bacteria and viruses. No wonder it has to be eliminated by the market. The design concept adopts a new semi-liquid hand-feeling intelligent soft support , soft and waxy, feel very comfortable, really! Really! Too! it is good! Put on! !​ I really can't help but boast about its texture, and I can't bear to take it off every time I put it on! Even if you wear ultra-thin knitted short sleeves outside, there will be no embarrassing marks. It feels like nothing to the touch. It is soft and evenly drags the chest. It is very comfortable and feels more comfortable than not wearing it! This is an uninterrupted one-piece non-marking design, which transitions from the front to the back and the side is completely non-marking, fits the chest and body, wears neither empty cup nor pressure, no steel ring, No rubber bands, threads, no glue bones, and even labels are non-sensing marks, no tightness, no chest compression, more comfortable to wear than naked, completely like a tailor-made second skin. Empty cups will not feel oppressive, as comfortable as if you are not wearing them. Therefore, our requirements for underwear are not only comfortable but also stable. Many underwear will slip and have poor support. Every time I wear it, I raise my hand and run up. I have to stretch out my hand to adjust the underwear and pull the strap of the underwear, which is very embarrassing. But the powerful part of this underwear is its soft support technology. The technology strip hidden under the underwear is as flexible as a liquid and perfectly fits your body shape, instead of the traditional steel ring to achieve upward support. Three-dimensional printing, the chest shape is three-dimensional and full, without slipping, without traces, his magic is that it is very thin, but stylish, even if the chest is small, after wearing it, the chest shape will become naturally tall and straight, and not pressed Chest, not empty cup, detachable design, easy to clean and dry, Japanese underwear is more inclusive and supportive, can be compatible with larger cups, very friendly to MM of B-D cup, 'W memory soft support' Technology, shock absorption and anti-shake ability is stronger, fitness and yoga can hold the fabric perfectly. It is also very careful. It uses 20D high-elastic fine fiber, which has a soft and delicate touch. The fiber is very thin, so it is very soft and skin-friendly and breathable. Faster than temperature adjustment, memory high elasticity. 'Like nothing' touch, evenly and softly hold the chest, comfort and security are integrated
Owing to its fitness sportswear and best lingerie for curvy women benefits, has become a buzzword in the good plus size underwear market.
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