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by:LADYMATE     2022-01-21
Everyone's body shape is different. When choosing underwear, you should also choose it in a targeted manner. Don't blindly pursue good looks, pursue perfect body, moderate price, pure cotton, breathable, and loose. The most important thing is to suit yourself. The following underwear manufacturers have shared some suggestions for choosing underwear: 1. Important factors in the choice of underwear 1) The perfect match of body shape and underwear. 2) Coats worn on different parts should be matched reasonably. For example: thin coats, coats with different collar types and thick coats. 2. The choice of different body types of underwear 1) The characteristic of this figure of dish-shaped chest is that the chest is large, the height is low, there is no concentration and no obvious curve. You should choose a magic bra with a cushion, and the cup type can be 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup. 2) Cone-shaped breasts are more common in Oriental women, with a moderate base area and height. It's easier to buy a bra. Almost all bras are suitable. A 3/4 cup bra with a steel bracket is more attractive. 3) Hemispherical breasts. This type of breasts is full, the bottom area is equal to the width of the breast, the height is medium, and the upper edge of the breast is collapsed. The cup can choose a full cup, three-piece cutting, the bottom area is relatively large, can wrap the entire breast, try to choose a harder material, do not use steel support. 4) The spindle-shaped chest has a moderate bottom area and a high height, which is suitable for products with wide bottom area, deep volume and good flexibility. 5) Sagging breasts For women with sagging breasts, the first thing to know is the degree of sagging. If the bust point is above the lower bust line, choose a bra with straps. If the chest point is below the lower bust line, use a fully retractable bra. If such women are thinner, they can use a 3/4 cup padded and underwire bra, push their breasts with the pads, and raise the breasts to make them slightly plump. If you are very plump, you should choose a bra with underwires and cups, because the cup is too small to accommodate a full chest, which will spread the muscles of the chest to the sides of the armpits, and a bra with a full cup can completely cover the chest. Wrap up and contain to change the condition of sagging breasts as much as possible.
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