How to wear underwear correctly?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-23
Whether the underwear is worn correctly has a great influence on the health of the breasts. Inappropriate or incorrect underwear will compress the breasts, cause poor lymphatic circulation, and easily lead to breast diseases. Oversized underwear will be difficult to shape well. The breast shape causes the breast to deform, so you must pay great attention to the choice of underwear and wearing underwear. Today, let's take a look at the skills and misunderstandings of underwear wearing with the editor! Ladymate Apparel-Underwear customization factory shares for everyone: When wearing underwear, keep your body in a 45% slanted state, then put your four fingers together and pass through the underarms, and stretch your hands under the underarms as much as possible, starting from behind the underarms, and hold the chest. Move forward, press your fingers close to your body, move the meat forward, and then draw a circle along the bra base (steel ring) to the heart of the bra. The underwear is ready. The phenomenon of incorrect wearing of underwear includes breasts overflowing from the upper part of the bra; the shoulder straps of the bra are stuck in your skin, and the bra feels particularly tight, as if you can’t breathe; the bra is so loose that no matter how you adjust it, The shoulder straps will fall; you can comfortably put your two fingers into the side of the bra and the shoulder straps. If you want to wear underwear correctly, you must first know your size. A woman should measure her size once a year to ensure she wears the correct size bra. There are many reasons for breast size change, whether it is because your body is still growing, or because you have lost or gained weight, the size change will occur.
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