How to wear underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-01
For female friends who have not worn underwear, it is really difficult. Let’s take a look at how the bra manufacturer teaches you! 1. Don't let the sling hang on your shoulders and not fasten the hooks. This will easily make the bottom and the steel ring run off and make the underwear loose and improper. You know, the underwear we used to wear too tight will make marks on the body, you should be aware of this. If it takes a long time, it will cause fat on the breast to gradually droop, which makes it difficult to see. 2. Don’t put our breasts into the cup by hand. It’s wrong to know that the correct way to wear is to put the loose armpit muscles into the cup, and pull the bottom of the underwear in the opposite direction with the other hand. Side, so that the whole breast can be put into the cup. Remember it. 3. Assuming that the edge of the bra does not match the protruding part of the chest, it is necessary to wear it like this. It is necessary to choose some fabrics with strong elasticity. 4. What should I do if the sling cannot be positioned correctly? In this case, it is recommended that you pull the sling shoulder buckle back so that the cup can be fixed in the correct position. Generally speaking, the front part of the sling shoulder buckle is made of inelastic material, while the back part is made of elastic rubber material. Have we remembered the above points, but here is still suggesting that we use more underwear, because such underwear will not leave a trace after wearing it.
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