How to wear a swimsuit?

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-29
Professional competitive swimwear usually has a single color, and the style is mainly a one-piece suit with a vest, which is simple, bright, and has no extra decoration. In terms of color, there are mostly solid colors and large blocks of color, and dark blue, black and white are more common in the market. Its design is mainly reflected in function and fabric. The fabric is interwoven with high-elastic Lycra spandex and polyester compound, which is tighter and more elastic than ordinary swimwear. Coupled with the simplicity of the style, it can reduce the resistance when swimming. Increase the speed of the game. Internationally famous sportswear brands have launched professional competitive swimwear with high quality and expensive price. Method/step 1 The wearing method of professional swimsuits and ordinary swimsuits is not much different. It should be noted that professional swimsuits are particularly difficult to put on in a wet state, so it is best to wear the body and swimsuit. in a dry state. Second, you should wet the swimsuit with clean water before entering the water, so that the swimsuit can absorb the clean water, so as to prevent the chemicals in the swimming pool or the minerals in the seawater from being absorbed by the swimsuit and damaging the swimsuit. The third is to put on a swimsuit first and then apply sunscreen. The fourth is like the current speedo, their swimsuits are divided into levels, there are primary swimming, amateur fitness, and professional competition series. The professional competition series is specially customized for professionals, integrating the latest and top technology into it. After swimming at the end, you should rinse your body before taking off your swimsuit. If you are not in a hurry, you should wash the swimsuit with clean water immediately, and use the above method immediately after returning home. Precautions for professional swimsuit maintenance: Do not leave wet swimsuits in plastic bags, handbags, or suitcases for too long. After each swim, wash your body in the shower and wash your swimsuit with soap and dry it in the sun. Borrowed or rented swimsuits are unsanitary and can easily spread infectious diseases. Don't put on your swimsuit to swim again when it's still dry.
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