How to wear a full cup of underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-27
In fact, every woman knows that her breasts have a high status in the eyes of her boyfriend or husband, but how to do breast health care? According to experts, underwear can protect women’s breasts from harm, and can make The breasts become concentrated and straight, but if the underwear is not worn well, or the underwear is not worn well, the harm to the breasts is also quite great. Below, Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd.-underwear processing and production, underwear OEM customization, and shapewear manufacturers will talk about some underwear wearing skills with Meimei. How to choose underwear to wear a plump curve?   The effect of wearing a bra, the distance between the two cups and the heart position usually play a very important role. The closer the distance between the cups, the more the distance between the two breasts can be shortened. The cleavage will naturally appear after the cups are gathered in the middle, and the steel ring plays a role in shaping. If the breasts have already been expanded, Don't think that the underwire will cause pressure on your chest and reject this style. Only by gathering the fat you lost on both sides to the front of your chest, can you increase the size of your bust and achieve a full and rounded state. In addition to choosing underwear according to your breast shape, trying on is a very important point, and you must not ignore it. Only through constant trying on can you find the most suitable bra, so that you will be sexy and seductive. The charm of human curves.  1. Put the side of the breast into the cup by hand.    When putting on the bra, put the side of the breast into the cup, so that the whole breast is received into the cup. If you ignore the different styles of underwear and the different actual functions, then this beautiful thing will slowly eat away at your beautiful figure. Our bodies are different from each other, and experienced designers will design bras with different functions for this vastly different body, such as all-inclusive, diagonal, semi-inclusive, or supporting, Without lining, etc., some linings use steel wire, and they are divided into different lengths and widths. 2. Fit the edge of the bra with the protrusion of the breast    align the most protruding part of the underwear with the nipple, and then cover the upper part of the nipple, so that the protrusion of the breast is covered. If the length from the bottom edge to the protrusion does not match the height of the chest, this place will not be comfortable.  Underwear, in essence, must be inclusive, so as to effectively support the breasts and buttocks. Sometimes, underwear does not have this characteristic, it will involve the materials that make up the underwear and the structure of the materials. To organize materials by knitting, no matter whether the materials used are silk, cotton, chemical fiber, or blends, they will produce strong stretching force, which is what we are accustomed to call the elasticity; while the double-layer structure of knitting The elasticity of the fabric is stronger than that of a single layer.  3. Pull down on the back of the underwear   When exercising and breathing, the most active part is the shoulder blade. If the bottom end is not pulled down slightly, it is unstable. People who feel restrained when wearing a corset should pay attention to this position. In addition, the underwear will lose its original function in the process of wearing, washing, drying and closing. The elasticity of the underwear may be slowly lost, and the twisting of the bottom support wire may be caused by improper washing. After rinsing with water, if you use your hands to twist and twist to dry, a good bra will break in an instant. The life of a bra lies in its bottom edge. Once the bottom is loose, you should give up. The uneven bottom will gradually cause the consequences of the asymmetry of the two breasts.  4. Pull back the shoulder buckle of the sling    Pull back the shoulder buckle of the sling, the cup can be fixed in the correct position. Generally, the front part of the sling shoulder buckle is made of non-stretchable material, and the back part is made of stretchable rubber material. This is the reason why you can't slip even after taking a deep breath. A large proportion of women buy bras that are too tight for beauty because they can look big and have deep cleavage. But the main reason for this effect is squeezing, which will easily cause compression on the chest in the long run, resulting in chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., which will seriously affect the cardiopulmonary function. In fact, if you want to achieve such an effect, why do you have to pay for your own health? The size that suits your body can also make you have a perfect curve. The reason why    can't wear your ideal effect is because the bra you chose before is not suitable for you at all. Either the cup is not suitable, or you bought it home without trying it on, this kind of bra will only make your chest curve worse and worse. If you want to achieve fullness and grooves, this drop-shaped cup style is recommended, because it can form a good deep V effect, which can achieve the visual effect of plumping the chest to a certain extent, and the U-shaped steel ring is wider. The side-ratio, high-eared baby design enhances the lifting effect and can gather all the free fat under your armpits to achieve your satisfactory chest shape.
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