How to wash the shapewear and how often do you wash it and how to maintain it?

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-14
How to wash the shapewear? How often do I wash the shapewear? The choice of laundry detergent: high-end shapewear will have a dedicated laundry detergent, for example, Sibi and other shapewear will provide a dedicated laundry detergent, if there is no special laundry detergent, you can also use the commonly used laundry detergent on the market, it is not recommended to use detergent . Washing method: hand wash, do not use machine wash, corsets, back clips, plastic pants often contain metal such as steel ring, memory alloy, machine washing will bring irreversible damage to the product, thereby affecting the wearing effect . How often to wash the shapewear: It is not necessary to change and wash every day, except for the underwear worn next to the body, it is best to wash it every 3-5 days. Too frequent washing will damage the clothes. Don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable or sweaty after a few days of wearing it. It has undergone four special processing treatments: 1. Deodorization treatment: inhibits bacterial growth and promotes physical and mental health. 2. Electrostatic treatment: Static electricity is easy to absorb dust and clothing, and electrostatic treatment means that it will not stick to the body when wearing it. 3. Silk protein treatment: make the material softer and gentler, and make the skin whiter, tender and delicate. 4. But don't leave it unwashed for a long time. If you don't wash it for a long time, it will cause the fiber of the clothes to elongate and become loose, and the elasticity can be restored after washing. Precautions for washing body shaping clothes: 1. Wash body shaping clothes/trousers every 3 days to help restore the shape of the clothes/trousers. Buyers can also judge by themselves according to the actual situation, that is, the clothes/trousers have been deformed by the body, then you need to wash them to help restore the shape of the clothes/trousers; 2. It is best not to use the washing machine to wash the shapewear, especially Shapewear with memory stick. It is recommended to wash by hand and rub gently, so that the clothes and pants can be used for a longer time. 3. Like ordinary clothes, shapewear will become loose, but it is definitely loose under normal conditions. If the shapewear of a small shop is washed and maintained properly, it will be one size larger about a year and a half, and it will become loose if you wash it a few times. , That is the quality problem (except for the body shaping of pure cotton fabric). How to dry shapewear? 1. Wrap it with a dry towel and lightly press it to fully absorb the water. Don't twist it hard, and hang it smoothly. 2. Do not use the dryer and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Keep in a ventilated place and dry in the shade. 3. Fold the cleaned bra in half and let the hanger pass through the inelastic area to dry. This will not cause the weight of wet clothes to stretch the fiber fabric, and will not cause premature fatigue of the shoulder straps. 4. Put the washed plastic pants through the hanger and fold in half to dry, so that the plastic pants can be dried evenly. 5. Hang the washed waist (back) clip upside down on the hanger, and then hang the hook to avoid stretching the clothes fiber and maintain the service life of the fiber fabric.
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