How to wash sports quick-drying clothes?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-26
Next, Ladymate underwear manufacturer, how to wash sports quick-drying clothes? Sports quick-drying clothes should be washed after every exercise. It is recommended that the day's personal clothing be changed and washed in time on the same day to avoid bacterial growth, perspiration and other stains. Before washing clothes, check the washing labels inside the clothes, and wash them in accordance with the precautions and washing methods indicated on the washing labels to avoid damage to the clothes due to incorrect washing methods. General sports quick-drying clothes are more waterproof and dusty. You only need to pour some laundry detergent in water, soak the clothes for half an hour, quietly rub them, and rinse them with a spin dryer or directly dry them. Sports quick-drying clothing fabrics are mostly made of polypropylene. This kind of fabric is simple to pilling. The more washing times, the more obvious the phenomenon. It will simply age when it is dried or close to the fire source. Later, polyester was used to replace polypropylene, and its characteristic is that it is not easy to pilling and aging. When washing these two fabrics, don't rub them vigorously, and turn them to the 'gentle' position if they are machine washed.
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