How to wash breastfeeding underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-14
Next, Ladymate underwear manufacturers will talk about how to wash breastfeeding underwear? The cleaning of breastfeeding underwear is also an art. It is necessary to wash it clean, but also to pay attention to the ones that cannot be washed out. The first is the temperature of the washing water. When washing breastfeeding underwear, use warm water and a neutral lotion that does not damage the underwear. Remember not to use hot water. When washing, the method should be lightly pressed, not over-heated kneading, let alone twisting, to prevent the underwear from becoming crumpled and washed out. Mothers should pay attention to rubbing the corners of the underwear directly with each other in particularly dirty places to easily remove the stains. The intimate clothing of underwear is washed alone. At the same time, the amount of lotion should be used, and the lotion should not be placed directly on the bra. Too much lotion will burden the material, and it will simply cause the bra to be uneven in color and then damaged. Bra. Therefore, the correct approach is to thoroughly dissolve the lotion in warm water at 30-40°C, and then put it in the bra for washing.
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