How to store and maintain net red underwear wholesale

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-18
​ How to store and maintain Internet celebrity underwear wholesales Underwear is clothing that is close to the body, first of all, pay attention to cleaning. Dirt not only means unclean, but also affects the ventilation, moisture absorption and softness of the fabric, which can cause damage to the fabric. When buying, if you have a favorite Internet celebrity underwear, buy more and use them alternately, so that the life of each underwear can be longer. Expensive products are sometimes just beautiful and not necessarily durable, and careful care can maintain their advantages. The material of net red underwear is mostly soft, thin and slender. When wearing and taking off, do not use excessive force, and also pay attention to the nails not to scratch the fibers. When putting on and taking off underwear, be careful not to put foundation and lipstick on the underwear.​ When you store your favorite underwear for a long time, you can carefully fold them one by one, or fold the cup to the cup, as long as the original breast shape is not damaged. Put thick linings on top and fold them down in sequence to prevent thick lined underwear from being deformed by heavy pressure, and thin lined underwear without deformation concerns. When putting away the net red underwear, it is recommended to store it separately from other clothes, and don't forget to put in dehumidifier or some desiccant. In addition, let me tell you a small recipe: put a few drops of perfume on a small piece of cloth, or put the leftover perfume bottle in the cabinet, one can repel insects, and the other can make clothes full of light perfume smell. The secret to preventing the deformation of influencer underwear: To keep delicate bras in beautiful shape, try not to wash them in the washing machine. Wash with cold water and mild detergent, or hand wash. Note: The use of airtight plastic bags should be minimized to store Internet celebrity underwear, because the long-term closure of clothing is likely to cause mildew. Do not put it together with insect repellants such as camphor, so as not to make the material and elastic lose elasticity. Hairy net red underwear should not be wet, and should be used with desiccant.
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