How to shape body underwear through physical methods?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-04
In real life, most women are dissatisfied with their figure. For this reason, they have struggled with fat for a long time: dieting, taking weight-loss drugs, exercising, using fat shakers, applying various drugs and oils for massage, surgical liposuction, and so on. They also have to face time and money. , Side effects, rebound after cessation of effort, and many other issues. When a woman is around 20 years old, her body shape is the most perfect in her life: a pointed chest, a slender waist, a round and upturned hip... However, the period of being able to truly have such a perfect curve is extremely short, and the figure of a woman will be Obesity caused by aging, bad living habits, childbirth, incorrect posture, and long-term wearing of inappropriate underwear, let the fat free from its original position and concentrate on the back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts. Causes serious scale imbalance, people appear bloated, and many women talk about 'fat' discoloration. In fact, fat is the energy of life, and for women it is the source of 'sexy'. At the same time, women’s fat can flow. The design of Belle Lianna Bodysuit is based on this principle, condensing the latest human beings in many fields such as structural mechanics, ergonomics, new materials, fiber science, weaving technology, and computer technology. The results are designed in accordance with the golden ratio of women's body in different periods. She can guide the growth direction of fat and return the lost, displaced, and sagging fat to its place. At the same time, the excess fat is burned, broken down and disappeared. Long-term wearing can make the body fat exist reasonably, and it can be distributed according to the 'golden ratio' of the body, and the deformed body can be repaired in a standardized manner, so as to achieve a charming three-dimensional curve. , And make the beautiful figure can be maintained for life. The female breast is located on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle and is composed of breast, fat, and connective tissue. The size of the breast is governed by the amount of fat in the breast. By wearing a relaxed body sculpture, the fat under the arms and stomach is concentrated on the chest, so that the chest is naturally plumped and has an immediate effect. The reasonable pressure of Bodysuit acts on the breasts, which can make the glands and pedicle tissues in the breasts strong, strengthen and beautify the breasts. At the same time, the special materials of body underwear have a gentle massage effect on the nipples and mammary ducts, which can increase women The secretion of sex hormones can well regulate female endocrine.
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