How to properly dry underwear? Shantou underwear processing manufacturers teach you two tricks!

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-14
Underwear is a woman's personal clothing, which is inseparable from the health of women's breasts. Do you know how to properly dry underwear? I don’t know how to talk with Shantou Ladymate apparel underwear-underwear processing and production, underwear OEM customization, shapewear manufacturers:    One, common stain removal tips:    red or foundation-use alcohol or volatile solvent to remove, and then use a moderate temperature Washing with thin liquid lotion.  Blood stains-dip the toothbrush in a thin liquid lotion and scrub.   Sweat stains-soak in rice water, rub it a little, and rinse off.   wine-soak in cold water and wash off with warm soapy water.   Juice-Sprinkle flour on the stain and rub it with water.   2. Underwear drying method:    should choose the method of hand washing, because machine washing will deform the steel bone of the underwear and destroy the material fiber. Or choose a protective mesh bag to machine wash, and choose a shock program to reduce the damage to the clothes to a minimum.   After washing, you can't wring it out by hand. You can only wrap it with a dry towel and squeeze it with your hands. After the towel absorbs the moisture, straighten the underwear to its original shape.   Wet bras should be hung at the midpoint between the cup and the cup, and the shoulder straps should not be hung, because the weight of water will stretch the straps.  In the sun, clothes can easily deteriorate and fade, so underwear can only be dried in a cool, well-ventilated place.  3. Why does the bra turn yellow?    If your hands or laundry tub are stained with bleach when cleaning the bra, the bra will change color upon contact, so you must be careful when washing clothes. In addition, the bra is not thoroughly washed with sufficient water after washing, leaving excess lotion on the clothes, which will also make the bra yellow. Bras that have been exposed to the sun will also turn yellow.  Fourth, the correct way to dry underwear  Press the cup of water to dry before drying, and then gently pull the cup noodles. Hang the underwear upside down to dry, avoid exposure to the sun. Keep in mind a few points, don't dry it backwards, buckle the back row, flatten it slightly, and then clamp the rack on both sides to be symmetrical. The shoulder straps must not be wrinkled.   5. Underwear drying steps   1. After washing, gently wash with water or wrap the underwear with a towel to absorb moisture, shake it a few times, flatten it, and try to smooth out the wrinkles.   2. For wet bras, hang the cup and the middle point of the cup, or use a clip to clamp the inflexible part and hang it upside down. Do not hang the shoulder straps, because the weight of moisture will stretch the shoulder straps.  3. Dry it immediately after washing to avoid wrinkles and fading in the wet state for a long time.   4. Dry in the shade. Direct sunlight is the cause of yellowing, fading, and weakening of the fabric. Indoor heating can also cause yellowing of the fabric. Please avoid it.  6. u200bu200bHow to dry cotton underwear? 1. Before drying, use a washing machine to dehydrate. 2. When drying, try to flatten the clothes with the reverse side of the clothes facing outwards.  3. Pure cotton clothing is easy to wrinkle. When it is 80 to 90% dry in the sun, remove it, fold it, and flatten it, and then dry it and it will be smooth and wrinkle-free.  4. Some cotton dyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight, and they are easy to fade due to excessive exposure, especially blue, purple, pink, etc. You need to be very cautious. You may wish to turn it over to dry.
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