How to make reasonable use of online signing for underwear private customization

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-27
Nowadays, more and more private underwear manufacturers have been very aware of the importance of the Internet, and many underwear manufacturers have also opened online marketing and received underwear orders through the Internet. Because the Internet connects customers from all corners of the world quickly and easily, many customers from other places who need to process underwear or get the stock, just search for factories directly through the Internet. Because the Internet gives people only intuitive visual or auditory feelings, and because they cannot face the immersive scene, it is not easy to negotiate customer cooperation through network tools. Therefore, as a professional customer service staff of underwear manufacturers, every day Many customers will receive inquiries about underwear processing or taking stock, so how to promote customer transactions is very important. We often receive inquiries from customers from other provinces or foreign countries. In the process of communicating with customers, we often encounter quotations, delivery dates, prepayments, etc. for underwear processing. This is because some customers used to make a quotation first and then make a sample; it is a few months after the shipment is delivered and then the payment is made. But now, customers are required to make a sample before they can make a quote; pay first and then ship the goods. Customers often refuse and don't believe it. Because customers are thousands of miles away, they dare to pay offline if they don't see anything, worrying that there is no guarantee. This is a real case that happens every day in Eryou Knitting Underwear Factory. Mr. Wang comes from a customer in Beijing. He opened an underwear shop in Beijing Garment Trade Mall. He is responsible for providing distribution and supply to customers. This time he also found our Eryou knitted underwear factory through the Internet. I have a few models, let’s check them, each of which requires 500-1000 pieces, check and reply to him. The online customer service staff immediately communicated with the underwear factory to confirm that these models are just enough for the customer's demand, and promised to be packaged and shipped to the customer within three days. The purchase price is more than 100,000 yuan, because the customer has never been to the underwear factory. The customer discussed whether it is possible to pay 70% of the purchase price, and the balance will be paid after receipt of the goods. Because it is taking the spot to reduce the trouble of tracking the balance in the later period, we reply that the customer needs the full payment before it can be shipped. And inform the customer that we must guarantee to deliver the goods to him. We will also send the business license of our underwear factory, the inspection report, the public account, and the signed contract and seal to the customer as required. The customer saw it, and sent the money back without a second word. In the later stage, the entire package of Mr. Wang’s goods was delivered, and we also kept communicating with customers. For example, at the packaging site, we took some small videos in progress to the customers, packaged them, took the pictures, sent them to the customers, and shipped them. Take pictures of all the courier numbers affixed on the packaging box to the customer, so that even though the customer is not in our underwear factory, but as if they are on the scene, knowing that we are indeed helping him with the shipment, and further dispel the customer’s worries, and let the customer Really rest assured. After the customer received the goods, he was very satisfied and recognized the quality of our underwear, and said that in the future, he would still find the goods to cooperate with our underwear factory.
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