How to maintain underwear? What are the reasons for the yellowing of underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-06
Underwear is a woman's personal item. We must take care and clean up the personal items. Do you know any ways to maintain underwear? What should I do if my underwear turns yellow? Today, let's take a look at the underwear maintenance with the editor of Foshan Boxin clothing and underwear custom manufacturer! The life span of general underwear is 3 to 6 months, but if the underwear is well maintained, the life span can be extended. Pay attention to detergents when washing. Bras are like women’s faces and require careful care. The material fibers of underwear are generally soft and delicate, so the ideal washing method is to use 'warm water' and 'neutral lotion' and lightly press 'hand wash'. How to maintain underwear? What are the reasons for the yellowing of underwear? The reason for the yellowing of underwear is that long-term exposure to the sun can easily cause deterioration and discoloration of clothes, so underwear can only be dried in a cool and ventilated place. If your hands or laundry tub are stained with bleach when washing underwear, the underwear will change color upon contact, so you must be careful when washing clothes. After the underwear is washed, if there is not enough water to thoroughly wash it, leaving excess lotion on the clothes, it will also make the underwear turn yellow. Underwear that has been exposed to the sun for a long time will also turn yellow. There are also ways to wear underwear. First put your hands through the shoulder straps when wearing underwear, and lean your upper body forward to about 45 degrees. Then align the chest with the cup, keep leaning forward, and buckle the back hook. Bend over 90 degrees, pull out the fat on the underarms, back, and stomach into the cup, wrap it up and tidy it up. Choosing the right underwear and wearing the right underwear can better protect the breasts. The little fairy must know her size when buying underwear, and then choose the right underwear. It is better to buy it after trying it out.
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