How to maintain and extend the service life of underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-14
Customized Bodysuit has the functions of beauty, skin care and self-cultivation, and it is one of the favorite clothes of most modern women. It can improve breast enlargement, relaxation, and adjust back body fat. Even if there is no such phenomenon, wearing an adjusted bra can maintain the ultimate chest for a longer time. So, how do you maintain and adjust underwear as soon as possible to increase the service life of underwear? The cleaning and maintenance methods of bodywear OEM 1. Use cold water or slightly warm water to soak below 30 degrees Celsius, and soak in cold wash Essence in water. 2. Do not use bleach, and avoid washing with colorful clothes. 3. Knead gently when cleaning, do not need to clean for too long to prevent deformation, do not take off dry, the screw is dry. 4. Use cotton towels to digest and absorb sweat. In a cool, naturally ventilated area, from leveling to dryness (underwear and bras should be hung upside down to dry). No sunlight, no dryness, to prevent mildew and yellowing. 5. After drying thoroughly, place it along the direction of the plastic plate and steel chain. Common problems of bodywear OEM wear 1. When the temperature is not too hot, wear it within four to eight hours a day; wear it for two to six hours in summer, so that the human body will always sweat and all normal basic metabolism. 2. Prepare at least two or three pieces of Bodysuit in advance, so that your adjusted underwear can be cleaned and rested frequently to increase the service life. 3. Leave a unique indoor space for the wardrobe as much as possible to adjust the underwear to prevent damage to the plastic strip or get dirty by other clothes. 4. Women who use adjusted underwear for the first time should start with a low number and wear them for two hours a day, and then slowly improve their time and discipline after integration.
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