How to judge whether the underwear can continue to be worn?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-13
  Underwear is especially important for women. There is a popular saying now: if you choose your underwear well, your husband will go home early. This just shows the importance of underwear from the side. As a layer of clothing for women-underwear, in addition to helping us adjust the breast shape, it can also support our breasts. But in addition to picking the right underwear, the underwear has to be changed frequently. How to judge whether the underwear can continue to be worn? If you are said to be a little bit in the following ten o'clock, then you should throw away your underwear and buy a new mushroom cool ~ below Let’s take a look with Ladymate clothing--underwear customization:   1. The bra in the armpit area has a strange smell, but you have already washed it with laundry detergent.   2. You feel a metal foreign body piercing your skin, but that place is not where the metal should touch. 3. Your friend asks if you are wearing sports underwear today (the point is that you wear normal underwear)    4. A buttonhole in your underwear is missing 5. You need to adjust the shoulder strap many times a day, because the shoulder strap will fall to your elbow .  6. u200bu200bLace has broken a big hole, which looks weird.   7. The body will have red indentations throughout the day.   8. The original pink underwear now looks gray...   9. After going out, I often need to go to the dressing room Joe, because the shoulder straps of the underwear make my body bruise.   10. It looks like you only have a piece of cloth on your chest!    Okay, I have already stepped on a minefield, but the problem is coming. I need to buy new underwear for thrown away~
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