How to judge whether seamless underwear is suitable?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-16
​ ①The bottom circumference of the seamless underwear is parallel to the ground, and the hand does not move ②The edge of the cup fits the contour of the chest, and the outer side is about 1CM in the front of the armpit ③The tolerance and fit of the cup are just right​ ④The chicken heart is in the middle, not poking The chest is not skewed ⑤ The shoulder straps allow one finger to pass easily, and it does not slip. Knowing the above conditions, you can choose seamless underwear stably. The soft heart cup underwear mold cup is added with two layers of QQ soft heart layer, which is soft like a cloud, skin-friendly, silky, and soft and glutinous to the touch. Back invisible glue technology, super stretch resilience, gentle fit to the back skin, no need to worry about running out. The new soft heart cup fits 360° softly, securely and does not shift, and it is impossible to 'give a gap' between the chest and the underwear. The seamless underwear has a tailor-made process, which is gentle on the skin, and the cup is not empty or running, making it more secure to wear. Soft Heart Cup 3D built-in soft support 'rises on the cloud', beautiful curves gather shape. No steel ring soft support, reasonable distribution of force points, lifting the chest BP point, building an anti-gravity golden triangle, with the help of invisible butterfly glue ergonomic support, intelligent adjustment curve, easy to resist gravity. The soft-hearted cup underwear has a non-marking follow-up cutting process, which gently fits the skin, and the cup is not empty and does not run away.
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