How to clean underwear without yellowing? 4 tips for custom underwear manufacturers to guide you

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-19
Today's women still attach great importance to underwear, both in terms of style and quality, but in daily life, women will encounter some small troubles, that is to say, there will always be some small problems when cleaning underwear. After cleaning, you will find that your underwear occasionally turns yellow, but you still don't know that your cleaning method is wrong, so today's underwear custom manufacturers can share 4 cleaning tips to prevent your underwear from yellowing. 1. Pour detergent and put the underwear into it, but do not directly input the detergent, because this will cause the underwear to fade and damage the fabric fibers, so in order to ensure the integrity of the underwear, you must first pour the detergent into the water to dissolve it It, and then soak the underwear. 2. If you choose to wash by hand, first soak your underwear for 15 minutes, remember not to soak overnight, and do not scrub while washing, which will easily deform your underwear. 3. Don't twist your underwear after washing, it is easy to deform. You can choose to squeeze the water out. Girls should pay attention to it, or you can choose to put a dry towel on it and press it to suck out the water. 4. It is also a very important step to dry the underwear. Please remember not to clamp the underwear on the shoulder strap, so that the shoulder strap is easy to stretch. You can put the underwear on a foldable hanger in a ventilated place, but don't expose it to the sun, because it can easily make the fabric yellow and fade, and it is not easy to deform.
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