How to clean the body shaper and how to maintain it

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-16
How to clean the shapewear and maintenance method The alkaline washing powder is too alkaline, which will make the bra turn yellow and unsightly; 2, try to wash it by hand, do not use a washing machine or dryer, otherwise the straps or other parts of the bra are easy to be pulled, and the underwear is delicate Lace is also easy to be damaged. There is no problem with the inner side of the steel ring, but if it is twisted with a washing machine, the steel ring will be twisted and deformed like a twist. 3. Do not mix dark and printed clothes to avoid contamination. 4. Do not use bleaching agent to avoid deterioration and embrittlement of the material (colored underwear must not be bleached). 5. Please use weak alkaline or neutral detergent, or use cold detergent, in addition to good washing feeling, and can reduce the worry of fading and discoloration. Remember: Do not use chlorine-based bleach to prevent discoloration. 6. Wash often and in a short time, rinse well, gently rub and wash quickly to dry. 7. Hand wash with cold water, and drop a little detergent in it (before the detergent is completely dissolved, please do not put the underwear in to prevent it from appearing Spots), put the underwear in and soak for a while (about 5-10 minutes, if the time is too long, the dirt will adhere to the clothes again). 8. The buttons must be fastened when washing to avoid hooking with other clothes. Rub the dirty place with your hands. The cup part only needs to be washed gently with water. If the velvet part of the steel ring is still a bit dirty, you can rub it with a strap or brush it with a small toothbrush. Residual detergent is easy to cause discoloration and is harmful to the skin. Please wash it thoroughly with clean water (do not soak in tap water for a long time, because the chlorine in the water will change the color of underwear. 9. The washing label is very important: cleaning is the main point of underwear maintenance One, please read the washing label carefully before washing, and wash as required. 10. Use neutral washing: We choose neutral washing, which must be dissolved in water first, and avoid pouring laundry detergent or washing powder directly on the clothes to avoid color Uneven. How to maintain the body shaping underwear: 1. Pay attention when drying clothes: After washing, gently squeeze it with your hands or wrap the underwear with a towel to absorb moisture, shake it a few times, flatten it, try to flatten the wrinkles, and clamp it with a clip Live in an inflexible place and hang it upside down. (The lace of the bra will sink and pile up after being soaked in water. It is difficult to see after drying, so hang it upside down in a ventilated place to dry) 2. After washing, it should be dried immediately to avoid long-term storage. Under humid conditions, wrinkles and fading occur. 3, Direct sunlight is the cause of yellowing, fading, and weakening of the fabric. Indoor heating can also cause yellowing, please avoid it.
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