How to classify bra underwear by cup?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-24
A. 1/2 cup bra: The whole bra is hemispherical, characterized by the parallel line between the front of the cup and the lower leg. In the design and production, more than 95% of the bras are mostly detachable. Due to poor stability, the lifting effect is not Strong, suitable for people with small breasts, good matching effect with open back, suspenders, etc.  B, 3/4 cup bra: It is a style with a good centering effect in the bra design. It does not completely cover the chest, 1/4 is exposed, showing the cleavage, which is sexy and charming. The characteristic is that the open bone line is V-shaped, the cotton is inserted upside down or placed diagonally, and the stress point is on the shoulder strap. It can be of any body type, and is suitable for matching suits, suits, etc.  C, full cup bra: The overall shape is spherical, which can contain all the breasts in the cup. It is suitable for plump, soft fleshy women with wide breasts. It has a strong support and lifting effect.   Shantou Ladymate Apparel-underwear custom manufacturer reminds everyone: general full cup bra designs have C, D, E and other large cups. Suitable for sports, casual wear, etc.
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