How to choose your own body shaping underwear customization?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-05
Wearing shapewear can have an immediate effect, but it is only effective when you wear it, and it will have no effect when you take it off. It is a bit similar to high-heeled shoes. The principle of the shapewear is based on the design scheme of 'circulating body fat movement principle'. In short, the shapewear is based on changing body fat to make the body curve more and more uneven, but the slim body created is only temporary. , Can not really reduce body fat. Just as everyone inhales and lifts their buttocks in order to better show their body shape, and lifts their heads and chests vigorously, the shapewear assists everyone in lifting their hips and chests in accordance with the action of external forces. It is more suitable to wear in unique places or in unique requirements, giving people a feeling of 'suddenly thin'. It is not recommended to wear shapewear for a long time. Just like long-term high heels can damage the feet, long-term wear of shapewear is also harmful to the body and affects the body’s blood circulation. Part of the body’s metabolism will also slow down, and the supply of nutrients will also decrease. Muscle energy will be further reduced, and the reliability of bones and joints will also be reduced. Naturally, women who are looking for beauty will undoubtedly have a shapewear in order to be prepared, but the current shapewear on the market is uneven, with a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, and the price ranges from tens to thousands. , How to choose the right body shaping underwear customization? The key is to choose the style according to the body shape characteristics according to the following 3 levels; according to the expected body shaping effect material; select the design plan according to the price; there are three key body shape characteristics: torso, breast problems, waist and abdomen and lower body. The body shaping underwear custom selects materials according to the expected body shaping effect. This is not difficult to understand. There are more materials for body shaping clothes, which can be easily understood as the working pressure of body shape clothes. Some body shape clothes have very high pressure and a little hard, and the body shape effect is particularly good. But it is uncomfortable to wear; some shapewear is comfortable to wear but the shaping effect is not ideal. In order to customize shapewear to wear comfortably and have a good body shaping effect, it is necessary to choose among many materials with better elasticity and better air permeability.
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